Doctors On Call Service (DOCS) is a cardio-diagnostics and dedicated Heart centre located in the city of Enugu in South-Eastern Nigeria. It was founded on the premise that there should be a universal access to world-class healthcare service to all Nigerians despite social and economic status. The primarily objective of DOCS Heart and Diagnostic Centre is to leverage on the advances of technology to improve access to quality healthcare within Nigeria and the larger West and Central African regions. Accordingly, the Centre has developed an industry-altering line of health products that make world-class healthcare more readily available to all individuals.

Our approach to healthcare is on preventive medicine through routine and advance cardiac imaging (cardio-diagnosis), health/lifestyle literacy, as well as robust patient care management. Our commitment to promoting cardiovascular health has paraded the engagement of innovations, technology and professional expertise as a clinical culture in pursuit of international best practices. With over 7 years of cardio-diagnostics operation in Enugu State, DOCS Heart and Diagnostic Centre has redefined cardio-diagnostics practices in Southeastern Nigeria in collaboration with its parent body in the Caribbean and United States, headed by the most Distinguished Professor of Cardiology, Prof. Ernest Madu and his team of renowned Cardiologists.

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